Friday, December 12, 2008

Is Daniel Cabrera Gone? Yes, More Than Likely...

Is Daniel's time up in Baltimore. Yes it is, according to the Baltimore Sun's Peter Schmuck:

The O's attempted to generate interest in a deal at the winter meetings but apparently found other teams unwilling to take the risk of going to salary arbitration with Cabrera, who made $2.85 million last year and stood to get a significant raise in spite of his 8-10 record and 5.25 ERA.

Apparently, the O's did not make an attempt to re-sign Cabrera for a more reasonable salary, something they still are trying to do tonight with reliever Lance Cormier. The team finally has given up on Cabrera and will leave it to some other club to try and tap his raw talent and unfulfilled potential.

Oh well.

1 comment:

Jose said...

Very disappointed that the O's are not bringing back DC. The O's may have grown tired of waiting on him but they never really gave him a chance. How many pitching coaches and how many different styles did he have to contend with since he came to the Orioles in 1999? I have been supportive of the MacPhail choices but this one might be his first and biggest mistake with the Orioles. I hope the Orioles bring him back. I hope that when they realize that no one is signing with them, they will try to bring him back. I hope that he will want to come back after being discarded. But if none of the happens, I hope that he reaches his potential and when he pitches against the O's beats them soundly each time he faces them. Horrible decision by the Oriole brain trust.

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