Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Day After

After having a day to digest the news of Mark Teixeira signing with the Evil Empire, and I'll say I can't blame him for signing with New York, nor the Yankees for signing him. You can't blame Andy MacPhail or Peter Angelos -- despite the history and how many feel about him -- due to simply the Orioles not having a chance at all.

The slugger, the more I hear in the press had zero interest in playing for Baltimore, and the news that came out insinuating he did may have just been planted by Scott Boras to drive up interest in his client.

If the events of yesterday have not convinced you that the sport needs a salary cap, I don't know what to say. It's one thing if the Yankees had one huge contract signing -- but three within the last two weeks -- who could compete with that in today's economy?

The inequity in baseball between the haves (the New York, Los Angeles & Chicago teams, Boston) and have nots (everyone else) has now become so great that you have to wonder if the gap can be closed. Now, can we assume that the Yankess will win the AL East, much get to the World Series? No.

But their job is much, much easier than let's say a Cincinnati, or Milwaukee or Kansas City.

I'm pro-business, but how will most fans -- everyday people -- even see the Yankees now or much less even get a ticket up there? Man, the price of tickets after the inaugural season at the new ballpark will sky rocket.

I guess there’s nothing technically wrong with the Yankees participating in capitalism; however, it just leaves a bad taste in sports fans mouths to see this going on when the economy is in the tank.

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Bill Anderson said...

Andy McFail has yet to show ANY tendancy to "Lock up young talent". He is full of it. Offer Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis contracts before the final year before free agency like his "Tampa model" team does. Show us SOMETHING Andy. Yea you made a couple of good trades. But that is not enough. I agree you are better than the totally inept buddie of Angelos (Flanagan) that stuck you with the inflated salaries like Walker and Baez are getting. But sign our stars. How about Huff? Is he gone after next year so we can get Milar back in 2010 again? If you continue this stupid CHEAP stratedgy and expect us to buy a bill of goods you are wrong. Expect the same crowds that we had in September to show up in July.

Anonymous said...

Many teams in Baseball would be opposed to a salary cap. If the Players Union would ever give into to a salary cap they would mandate a "FLOOR" as well as a ceiling for teams (as the NHL did). If the implemented a salary cap of $125 million, their would have to be a floor of about $75 million. The Marlins had a payroll of 23 mil. The Rays had a payroll of 46 mil. More "small market" teams would be opposed this type of salary cap then the few large ones.

Anonymous said...

So by slashing payroll even with the signings of Teix, CC, and AJ we now need a salary cap????

Makes no sense---sounds like a bitter fan thats all---even with CC, Teix, and AJ the Yankees payroll will be less then last years---why didnt you cry foul last year

Salary Cap? how about a Salary minimum----dont blame The Yankees for putting every dollar they can afford back into their team---

Anonymous said...

Whaaaaa Whaaaa....Orioles have enough money to sign Texeria, their owner is just terrible and decided no to offer the player who their fans were dying for a better contract. Salary cap wont happen, players association will never agree to one.

Anonymous said...

A salary cap is not the answer. Seriously, it just sounds like you're bitter. So far all the blogs that ask for a salary cap are from fans of other teams in the AL East. As a fan of a small market team, I have hopes that one day we can put together enough winning seasons and maybe a championship or two to draw enough fan interest to raise our own payroll. At that point I don't want a cap to get in the way of re-signing the young talent that got the organization to that point. And to tell you the truth, as much as I hate it, it's always when the big payroll Yankees and Redsox come to town, that my favorite organization's stadium sells out. That's good for the small market team.

RichJ said...

Wow, big fan of ensuring that ownership has lots and lots of money? That's the practical upshot of a salary cap: to take money from players and put it in owners' pockets.

Baseball revenues are through the roof. The owners can afford to buy competitive teams and just choose not to. Why should the Yankees be penalized for leveraging their position in a large market to top effect? If the other owners didn't want to compete, they shouldn't have bought a baseball team.

Anonymous said...

salary cap?The Orioles bid 150 million.It wasnt because there wasnt a salary cap that they didnt get tex its because they were to cheap to get into a bidding war with the nats,angels,redsox,and yanks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, everyone likes to conveniently forget several things:

1.) That the Yankees lost $82 mil a yar in payroll when they dropped Giambi, Mussina, Pettitte, and Abreu, and are only working to fill the glaring holes.

2.) That plenty of people could compete with the Yanks and have. The Nationals successfully outbid the Yankees, but to no avail. Tex wanted to be a Yankee. Take away the salary cap and Tex goes there quicker, leaving the Orioles with even less of a chance to compete.

3.) The bigger the Yankee signings, the less championships. Mussina just pitched a full eight years with no rings. A-Rod and Giambi are coming up empty as well. The last Yankee dynasty was built on the strength of our farming (Jeter, Posada, Rivera, Bernie).

4.) Tampa Bay Rays, anyone?

It's funny watching people bitch, though. Hahahhaahahaha.

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