Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Orioles Not Going Higher With Offer To Teixeira?

Well, here's somewhat discouraging news if you have been following the whole Mark Teixeira drama. Granted, he's not signed with anyone and no one knows what the Angels, Yankees along with the Red Sox have offered the slugger; however, it looks like Andy MacPhail may be focusing on fixing the team's other problems (IMO, should be key).

Right now, the thought that is on many fans minds is whether Teixeira is going to come back to the Orioles, be the hero on the white horse and save the franchise, or spurn the organization and look for riches elsewhere.

I'm not sure if the Orioles are just going to give up on this adventure, or make one final honest effort in the end, but I think fans want to see the team fight as hard as it can to get Mark at Camden Yards 81 times per year.

From the Baltimore Sun: As the winter meetings concluded, the Orioles, one of four teams believed to be bidding on Teixeira, had a seven-year offer on the table worth between $140 million and $150 million, according to an industry source. The club had not dramatically sweetened the offer and had no immediate plans to do so, according to the source. However, Orioles president Andy MacPhail told reporters he believed the club is still in the running to land the slugger, who grew up in Severna Park and prepped at Mount St. Joseph.

"We have no reason to believe [they're not in it]," MacPhail said. "I won't get into the he said, she said. The best way to say it is that until we're told otherwise, we believe we are part of the process. ... We've never been dogmatic about saying this is it and this is all it would be. I'm sure if there is interest on the other side, there will be more dialogue. If they choose to go another way, that's their choice."

The general feeling around the lobby at the posh hotel was that the Boston Red Sox are the clear front-runners, though their offer is unknown. It is believed the Washington Nationals have extended the biggest bid, an eight-year deal worth $160 million, though there has been plenty of speculation their offer is even larger.
Aside from the Nationals and Orioles, no one else has shown their cards yet. I've pretty much stated my thoughts on where the slugger is going, and I think he's going to the team that will pay him as well where he can win. It's evident Boras has a lot of influence in Teixeira's choice, so there is more than likely a lot more to the story than what is being reported.

Speaking of Scott Boras, our ace Jeremy Guthrie has fired him as his agent.

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