Monday, December 22, 2008

Double Talk: Boras Open His Mouth Again

While I am at home trying to recover from the flu, Mark Teixeira is still not signed with anyone.

With news of Manny Ramirez seeking a three year deal from the New York Yankees, most are waiting for the chips with Mark to fall.

Most thought that the Angels were out of the hunt for Teixeira, as they withdrew their names from contention this weekend; however, Boras may be trying to lure them back in. The Angels know they need Teixeira's offense, despite the slugger wanting to play on the East Coast -- thus, if you read the passage below, he kind of wants them back in the fray.

From Jon Heyman: "Mark Teixeira enjoyed his time with the Angels and was an integral part of their success last season," Boras wrote in his statement. "His interest in returning to the club has been sincere, real and continues to be one of his earnest priorities throughout this off-season."

...Boras also wrote in his statement, "Clubs are very aware -- in particular the Angels -- participation in the free-agent process does not signal lack of interest in signing with the club. Case in point, the Angels signed two great free agent players who engaged in the mechanism, receiving and exchanging offers with multiple clubs, while negotiating with the Angels. Therefore, we are assuming that reasons other than Teixeira's interest in returning to the Angels were the driving factor."
I assume the two free agents Boras is referring to are Vladimir Guerrero and Torii Hunter.

It sounds like Boras wants the Angels to go after Teixeira -- despite evidence he wants to stay on the East Coast -- just to keep the wheels spinning.

This whole drama has been good for taking up web space, chatter on sports talk radio, and the Worldwide Sports Leader -- ESPN -- gushing for the slugger to sign with New York or Boston; however, this has all become exhausting.

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