Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Teixeira To Make A Decision Supposedly Today...

Could the plot be thickening, or is this bizarre drama almost over? There's a special tip of the hat to Ian from Sox and Dawgs for this, as Mark Teixeira is supposedly going to make a decision today. I guess this is going to be a big event since the slugger and Scott Boras HAD TO TELL the world of this.

A major league baseball source has told The Washington Times’ Thom Loverro that there will be an announcement today regarding the future of free agent first baseman Mark Teixeira.

While the source declined to discuss specifics, there are strong indications that the Red Sox will announce that they have landed the highly-coveted slugger, who has been courted this off-season by several major league clubs, including the Angels, Orioles and Nationals.
Whether this is the end of the saga remains to be seen; however, I love again how the source is once again "unnamed" -- I mean how many "unnamed" sources have there been so far in the saga.

Either way, wherever he comes to Baltimore, or goes to Washington, or New York, Boston or stays in sunny California, I'm indifferent to the slugger now. He's made himself to be someone who cares only for the bottom line and I will think of him as nothing more than your typical, greedy, self-centered athlete.

There's been so little news leaked on this whole thing aside from speculation from the media that I can expect anything to happen assuming a decision is made today.

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