Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Yankee Nation to Descend On Oriole Park For Opening Day & ESPN Will Witness It All...

As most any season ticket holder to the Baltimore Orioles knows -- the Evil Empire will be coming to Charm City for Opening Day at Camden Yards on April 6th. There will be hardcore Oriole fans who will be there, but of course there will also be a throng of Yankee fans -- local and not -- coming to see their team embark on their manifest destiny to the World Series (or not).

The big question now on many minds will be how many Oriole fans will actually dare show up on that day?

I just checked out Jay Trucker's blog on the Examiner website and apparently ESPN will be here chronicling the Yankees on the Opening Day telecast -- more specifically C.C. Sabathia's first start; thus, more or less, the Orioles will just be part of the supporting cast (or just maybe the extras).

One could think that there will be incessant talk on how Tex was signed by the Yankees and how the Red Sox lost him, the Steinbrenners, will Burnett become Carl Pavano II and a litany of other topics all related to New York.

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Jay said...

Thanks for the link. I am particularly interested in the look of the stadium that day. Yankees fans are more likely to travel on weekends and mid-summer, but what about an early spring Monday afternoon?

I mean, last year Opening Day was the only well-sold game with a majority Orioles fans, at least that was my recollection.

Will Yankees fans take even that one day from Baltimore?

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I don't know about the amount of fans who'll show up from the opposition.

In any case, this region (Balt-Wash) has plenty of transients, a lot of them root for the Red Sox or Yankees. I know quite a bit of people in that camp just from my professional life.

I think there will be a lot of interest just for the fact it's Opening Day, and the hype surrounding the Yankees in the off-season.

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