Thursday, December 25, 2008

Brian Roberts & Around The Blogosphere

At this point, with the reality of Mark Teixeira not being signed by Baltimore, the question that many have asked is what will happen to Brian Roberts?

As most of us know, the Baltimore Orioles are in the rebuilding stage and have has eleven straight losing seasons. Moreover, the team plays in the AL East, and with the Rays as defending division champs, and with the powerhouse Red Sox, along with the retooled Yankees, one must think the organization has the task of climbing Mount Everest.

Andy MacPhail -- despite the misgivings of a few fans -- I think has done a solid job in rebuilding the team. There's probably going to have a painful decision to be made with Roberts, and I think he will be traded before his contract is up.

I am going to fathom that Baltimore will offer him an extension, but he will turn it down for the fact he wants to play on a competitive team. His status will be one of many questions as Spring Training is only about seven-eight weeks away.


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