Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Evil Empire & Sabathia

I think a 160 million dollar contract over seven years -- guaranteed -- can change the mind of anyone quick. The Yankees pulled out all the stops to acquire him; therefore, I think this move was done out of desperation and also attention.

They are moving into a new ballpark in April, and fans of the Yankees -- take no offense -- think it is their manifest ... Read Moredestiny to end up in the playoffs each year.

I think that's what makes the Yankees so respected -- but also reviled -- so I can imagine the pressure on him will be beyond immense.

Sorry, I don't care who you are, you never give a pitcher more than 4 years -- tops.

A lot of teams never heed to this, and someone his size, you've got to wonder how he's going to hold up when he is 33, 34, 35. Yeah, C.C. is a a freak of nature, but you have to wonder about the pressure of New York City, and if he could be much better conditioned.

C.C. obviously strengthens any rotation -- assuming they get the NL version of him and not the one from the AL of '08 (oh my, how people forget); however, the Yankees are no lock to make the playoffs with him on their roster.

If anything, I think the Yankees STILL need to get much, much younger. Well, now it looks like they are after Lowe, Burnett and Sheets -- at the same time!

I hate to say it, but what's going with the Yankees this week is why people hate them. Wow, you'll have a hell a starting rotation with Andy Pettitte or Joba Chamberlain in the mix, but it's still no guarantee for the playoffs. What happens when Sheets or one of those five get injured considering how much money is now bwing handed out?

If anything, the Yankees are exactly what capitalism is about -- then again, the way things are going, why would think something is wrong with the economy?

Before I go, well I as an Oriole fan really do not look forward to seeing him on the mound multiple times per season.

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