Monday, December 8, 2008

Cabrera, Should He Be Sent On His Way?

Is Daniel Cabrera just a few hours away from being an ex-Oriole? Over the past several years, despite his physical skills and "potential", the tall-righty has not gotten *it* together in umpteen major league seasons.

Now, it may look like Daniel might be dealt, or at least non-tendered. Well, here's this from Roch Kubatko from his "School of Roch" blog...

This may come as a surprise to a lot of folks, but a few teams have expressed interest in Orioles pitcher Daniel Cabrera at these meetings.

The automatic response is, "Are they aware that he'll probably be non-tendered?" But that isn't a certainty, and it's not like the Orioles would be asking for the moon.

If they can get something for him, do it. It's time to cut ties.
At this point, the notion amongst many fans is that Cabrera should be sent on his way. Watching him the past several years, it looks like he's been going through "on-the-job training" and has just seemingly not learned how to pitch in the majors.

Despite his positive showing in late April through June, he reverted back to his old form during the middle of the season and looked as bad ever thereafter.

Now, it looks like his velocity was down at the tail-end of 2008, and the lack of focus he's shown on the mound indicates he's not learned a thing or has ignored any -- if all -- advice he's been given.

I agree with Roch, we may want to get rid of him; however, if some pitching coach gets him to focus on the task at hand and can tap into his physical gifts, he'll be a dangerous part of anyone's arsenal. I've been saying the last sentence for years, but when are we ever going to see it -- if ever?

Sorry, he needs to just start over somewhere else. The Orioles need to focus right now on rebuilding, and we have seen enough of Cabrera to know what he offers. Too bad he can't ever be consistent, or he'd be a hell of a pitcher.

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1 comment:

Mac G said...

I agree on Daniel. Time to move on and give other players a chance.

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