Monday, December 22, 2008

Teixeira Goes to Washington?

Well, I think we may have a reason why the Teixeira sweepstakes dubbed by some on internet "As The Teixeira Turns" has gone on and on from a posting from MASN's Roch Kubatko just a few hours ago.

And, yes, it involves the team to the south -- the Washington Nationals.

According to multiple sources, the Washington Nationals have sweetened their proposal to first baseman Mark Teixeira, offering him an eight-year deal worth $178 to $184 million.

The Nats were believed to have an eight-year, $160 million offer on the table. They apparently have increased the total value, putting them ahead of the other contenders, based on the numbers that have been reported.

I'm also told that they're willing to go nine years - and there's been talk of 10 - which could be one reason why agent Scott Boras is dragging along negotiations. He's also trying to get the Red Sox back in the game and see if the Yankees and Orioles will react.

So just how flexible is that Orioles offer?
Right now, the Nationals need him in a big way -- they finished with 102 losses in '08, their TV and radio ratings are minuscule, and they drew slightly north of two million in their new ballpark. They'll have a franchise face along with Ryan Zimmerman and no doubt be the cornerstone of the young organization.

If the Nationals win this derby, it will go to show that Teixeira along with his agent Scott Boras are nothing more than money-grabbers. More or less, the slugger will be nothing more than a mercenary in the eyes of many, and may find himself in A-Rod territory with an albatross of a contract defining his career.

Then again, maybe Boras is using Washington to get him an even larger payday from New York or Boston. Heck, maybe Baltimore ups their offer!

Whatever happens with Teixeira, I will think of him as nothing more than your typical, greedy, self-centered athlete. Not that I am against him making money; however, the reception he'll get if he comes to Baltimore in an opposing uniform will be chilly.


Bill-DC said...

Unreal that the Nats are offering 30 percent of what their new stadium cost for Tex.

It's kinda like eBay. Sometimes, you say to yourself this is my last offer, so you bid, hit submit and you get the outbid message and then you bid again and you're top bidder...Then you hope someone outbids you as you really don't *want* the item, just the thrill of winning and being in the game.

I hope that made sense. Personally I think Boras is using the Nats as you said.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I think it's crazy too. Honestly, I think teams in the position of Washington and Baltimore NEED to spread the money around than just focus one person.

I don't care how good he is, or if he'll bring the masses back, he will not make things better in the long run unless a team is seriously built around him.

If you were Mark, and had the choice of your employer - would you not want to go to a winner in your prime?

I think the Nationals really, really wanted him bad, so it's just not a "good-faith effort", but the situation at hand isn't conducive for that organization to spend north of $20 million per season just for the sake of it.

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