Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Teixieira Rumored To Be Offered A Ridiculous Contract, Is He Worth $22-28 Million Per Year?

A buddy of mine, Ian from Sox and Dawgs has this posted on his blog courtesy of a report he got from WEEI in Boston and their ESPN simulacast about the latest on Mark Teixeira.

WEEI, is a well known radio station out of New England and a flagship outlet for the Red Sox.

Of course, one can surmise this announcement is based on the news of a reported offer to Teixeira last night; however, no one knows what dollar amount was offered.

According to Karl Ravech of ESPN, Mark Teixeira is anticipating a contract that will pay him anywhere from $22-28 million a year.

Karl Ravech of ESPN reported that he had checked in with someone close to the Teixeira negotiations. According to Ravech’s source, the first baseman, who is the prize of the free-agent market, is in negotiations with five teams: the Angels, Nationals, Orioles, Red Sox and Yankees. Using the standards set by Torii Hunter’s five-year, $90 million deal and Alex Rodriguez’ 10-year, $275 million deal–both of which were signed last offseason–Ravech reported that Teixeira is in line for an eight-year deal of $22 million to $28 million per season.

Added: Video from ESPN.com and the text accompanying it says, "Which team will ultimately sign Mark Teixeira? Karl Ravech says the Teixeira sweepstakes are nearing a conclusion and indications are that the free agent has "an enormous attraction to the Orioles."

As well, Drew Forrester has a post on the WNST website concerning the Orioles and Teixeira according to chatter he's hearing in the Warehouse.

Crazy. Sorry, he's a good player and definitely a blue chipper; however, he is not worth $22-28 million per year.

I guess as Jim Ross from the WWE quips as his trademark message, "business is about to pick up".

Who knows what may happen considering the chatter that took place this weekend...

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