Saturday, December 20, 2008

The New Economic Reality May Hit The Orioles

Just read this on Peter Schmuck's blog, and this really, really caught my eye.

I have been a victim of the changing economic times -- albeit, in a minor fashion -- however, it looks like it may affect the Baltimore Orioles for next season.

Well, we all don't have access to the company books, nor do we know if the team made or lost money in 2008; alas, it looks like there's going to be some financial tightening taking place at the Yard.

The Baltimore Sun: If you doubt that baseball teams are going to feel the effects of the economic downturn, I'm hearing that the Orioles recently notified game-day employees that they are downsizing their stadium staff for the upcoming season and will need many of them only for the higher-attendance games.
I know some staff who work there -- whether they are ushers, or people who work the various concession stands -- and some are retirees, some just love the ambiance of Camden Yards, and for others it is supplemental income on top of their everyday jobs.

If you combine Schmucks's report along with the low attendance, the news doesn't only resonate in the park, but outside it with vendors, the hospitality industry, and museums (especially Sports Legends) who depend on foot traffic.

It goes without saying -- if foot traffic suffers and people are not willing to open up their pocketbooks to spend money, someone is going to get hurt when the economy slides.

Just sad. Very sad. The economy may be flatlining, but eleven years of losing by the Orioles has also made this new reality happen as businesses were seemingly in a world of hurt already.

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