Thursday, December 18, 2008

A New Found Respect For Scott Boras...

While the national media and the 24-hour sports networks (ok, ESPN) have pretty much all but figured that Mark Teixeira will be headed to Boston to get a ring or two or three, one has to give credit to his super-agent, Scott Boras.

Right now within this saga, it is safe to assume that no one, and I mean no one aside from the player, Boras and the principals in the story know what's going on. I guess I have a much greater appreciation of the super agent in his ability to use the media to keep this story alive and to help his client.

As a fan, I revile him because the contracts that he gets for his clients hve completely driven the price of seeing a game and obviously has made the MLB Players Union very, very happy.

I wonder how an agent could have such a large stable of players and yet get anything done for them. The man is good at what he does -- mastering the art of the deal for his clients -- and also bringing untold millions into his firm.

I also don't care for his negotiating tactics and using the media as a conduit for negotiations; however, he knows what works and owners get sucked into it. However, if I were a player, I'd be more than happy with him. I think most players will go to where they can get the most money, plus playing time, and who could possibly be the most competitive for the most part.

I mean know what you're getting into when you agree to have Scott Boras represent you; thus, n the end, it's all a crazy, cruel and wicked business except if you're the one cashing the check.

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