Sunday, December 21, 2008

Teixeira Saga Coming To An End Soon? What About The Yankees?

It seems to be the whole Mark Teixiera hunt according to those in the know from may soon be coming to an end.

At this point, I just think that if Teixeira really, really wanted to sign with someone, he would have done so. Obviously, he and his agent Scott Boras are playing an interesting game of financial chicken -- to get the most money out of a team who'll be hoodwinked into signing him.

I think Teixeira is a fine player; however, do I think he's being close to A-Rod or Albert Pujols at the plate -- no. Despite what I feel, he's probably the surest thing on the market and he'll get what someone wants to pay him. Decision day could be right around the corner for Mark Teixeira, according to a Major League source familiar with the negotiations. The source anticipates the free-agent first baseman's highly anticipated announcement within the next few days.

The field of serious bidders from Day 1 includes the Red Sox, Nationals, Angels and Orioles, with the depth of the Yankees' interest still difficult to measure.

The source believes the Red Sox remain in the lead for Teixeira's services in spite of the statement by principal owner John Henry on Thursday night that "it seems clear that we are not going to be a factor." This followed a meeting with Teixeira and agent Scott Boras in Dallas and was, in a sense, consistent with the volatile relationship between Boston and Boras over the years.

"This is going to end the old-fashioned way," the source said, maintaining that money will not be the decisive factor. "He wants to be on the East Coast, and his wife wants to be there. I believe the decision will be based on family and geography."
If you take the above paragraphs for what it's worth, it looks like Mark will not be considering sunny California, but the East coast. I've not heard anything much from Baltimore, Washington or Boston; thus, it is anyone's guess where he'll go.

Well, there's a new twist in this ongoing drama, as the New York Yankees - the Evil Empire - are looking the slugger.
The New York Times: The Yankees are interested in signing Teixeira, according to two people in baseball with knowledge of the matter, but for the moment are unwilling to pay him more than $160 million over eight years, one of them said.

The Yankees’ offer is less than what the Red Sox presented Teixeira last week. Boston’s offer is believed to be for eight years for close to $170 million.
They do have a use for Teixeira, as he's on the right side of 30 and his credentials speak for itself. In the end, I think New York may be posturing -- they could always swoop in and get him -- however, I think it is to keep the Red Sox on their toes, drive up the price, and make this game even more interesting.

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