Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Good Daniel Shows Up, Markakis Homers: O's Win 3-2...

Well, everyone. We are close to the end of the season, and by this time next Monday, we'll know who is in the playoffs and the Orioles' season will be over and mercifully finished.

Last night, the Orioles kicked off their final homestand with a win against the Kansas City Royals, 3-2. Despite it being a matchup of two-second division teams playing for pride and stats, it was quite a good ball game as Daniel Cabrera was solid against Gil Meche.

Cabrera, finally was consistent for a change, and looked like a top flight starter in the action on Monday as he only allowed in one run in seven innings.

The game was made up in lieu of a rainout in early April; howver, there were only few thousand fans at the Yard last night.

The bullpen once again nearly blew the game, as Mark Grudzielanek homered off Jamie Walker, to tie the game, 2-2; however, the amazing Nick Markakis homered to lead the Birds to victory.

Chad Bradford got the save.

It was good to know that we swept the season series against the Royals - alas, some good news for a change.

As well, I sat with the "Free the Birds 2" contigent during the 2nd and 3rd innings to see what was happening up there last night. Well, the time in upper left fiels was interesting to say in the least, and I'll share my thoughts in an upcoming post.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game, as does the Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, Orioles MLB site, & Orioles Hangout.

Peter Schmuck of the Sun laments at the empty seats and the condition of the team with some thoughts from last night.

Pressbox's Craig Heist reports that the bullpen (obvious to almost everyone) will get a new look along with some other news & Stan Charles looks at the other candidates who could have been manager of the Orioles...

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