Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Random Thoughts - Another Loss, and a Beatdown by the Devil Rays...

As we embark on another loss to the Devil Rays, keep in a mind with an awful blowout (we let them score 17 runs), let us put an epitaph on the season.

When we make Tampa look good (no disrespect), this team has problems.

With the lineup we have, the rookies in the rotation, the pathetic ' pen, and apathy of the fan base towards the Orioles, is there any point watching or showing up to games. I have tickets for Friday, Saturday and Sunday; however, now, is there a point in rooting for the team?

Perhaps, I'd feel better and gung-ho if one of the guys we called up from the minors were doing anything, but so far, I see nothing to be happy about. In fact, most of the guys are doing mediocre to downright awful.

Most of these call-ups are not ready for prime-time at all.

I won't give up, but I do not feel at all positive or in a rah-rah mode.

I implored fans to support the Orioles when the Red Sox and Yankees come back into town to wrap play this season, but at this point should anyone even be motivated? What will it be like this weekend?

Being that the season is literally over for the black and orange, I'll start to blog on other things, the pennant races, football, college basketball, society, etc.; alas, as summer turns into fall, it is depressing to write about the boys from Baltimore unless something changes between now and the end of September.

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