Friday, September 21, 2007

Parting Ways: Barry Bonds Will Not Be a Giant in '08...

This was bound to happen sooner or later.

Barry Bonds is told by the San Francisco Giants that they will not be bringing him back in 2008, per reports in the media and what was said on his Web site Friday.

Here's what was said via his site:

This was what he said via his website:

"This journal will be one of my last entries as a San Francisco Giant. Yesterday, I was told by the Giants that they will not be bringing me back for the 2008 season. During the conversation with Peter Magowan I was told that my play this year far exceeded any expectations the Giants had, but that the organization decided this year would be my last season in San Francisco. Although I am disappointed, I've always said baseball is a business -- and I respect their decision. However, I am saddened and upset that I was not given an earlier opportunity to properly say goodbye to you, my fans, and celebrate with the city throughout the season as I truly believe this was not a last minute decision by the Giants, but one that was made some time ago. I don't have nor do I want any ill feelings towards the organization, I just wish I had known sooner so we had more time to say our goodbyes and celebrate the best 15 years of my life…"

Well, there’s more to the entry, but I am not going to copy any more.

Anyhow, after reading this, these are probably his sincere words and to the core. From my visit to San Francisco for the 2007 All-Star Game, I’ll say that the love the fans have for him out there (perhaps, not a majority) only have reverence and warm feelings about him.

We no doubt know he can be surly, rude, opinionated and a jerk; however, the talent he showed in San Francisco helped to built that organization and also AT&T Park to what is today.

Alas, with most corporate decisions, the news was done in a “matter-of-fact” way, more or less, “thanks for the memories, but you need to clean out your desk – soon”.

Give them credit, at least the upper brass told him of their intentions rather than hearing it via the press or through some blog.

It looks like he’ll try to latch onto a team in 2008 in hopes of getting his 3,00th hit. I’d imagine he’d want to stay on the West Coast, but he’s a DH and because of his sordid dealings with BALCO the last few seasons, it may be hard.

For all it is worth, good luck Barry.

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