Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Walk of Shame and Seeing History

Wow. Well, I will now probably have the longest walk and train ride I've ever had in history. Congrats to Clay Buchholz and the Red Sox, as his performance and poise was just incredible to see.

Red Sox Nation should be proud of this young man, and he'll be a legend from here on out.


I saw history twice in the span of two weeks, and both times on the wrong side. 30-3 and having a rookie (his second start) no less throwing a no-hitter.

I feel bad for Trembley, the Birds, and all us fans. Geez.

Well, I will walk to the station, be accosted, made fun, insulted, while getting a lot of sympathy along the way.

Yes, I am an O's fan and will always be one, but it's becoming real hard to maintain my sunny disposition with the team.

I don't have my camera with me, because I was not allowed to BRING IT INTO FENWAY!

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