Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quick Hits: More on Gibbons, Oriole News and the Rundown...

Well, hope everyone is having a good Tuesday; albeit, it is cloudy & rainy from where I am at.

Sums up what we feel about the black and orange, eh?

I don’t know what to think anymore and it seems that all the news that comes out of Baltimore is bad; alas, let’s be thankful we have 20 games left and then 2007 can be put out to pasture.

It looks like Jay Gibbons has been summoned by Major League Baseball to discuss his PED (performance enhancing drug use) and other matters. At this point, it is too early to say what price Jay will pay with MLB and the court of public opinion; however, it is easy to now surmise that the drug problem will turn out to be bigger than what we all expected.

Does it really matter now? Nope.

With the money involved in big time sports and the contracts doled out to athletes, it is perhaps worth the risk to indulge in drug use.

It’s just reality. I think we are just scratching the surface.

From what I see right now, Gibbons is in hiding and has not made any public overtures to explain himself or address the fans of Baltimore. I think that says a lot, but you can take it for what is it worth. I remember him adamantly denying his involvement with drugs throughout the whole Jason Grimsley affair; however, where there's smoke there's often fire and it looks like Grimsley in light of his misdeeds may have some credibility.

Let's hope Gibbons is the only Oriole with indiscretions, because if there are others, it may bring an unwanted and serious black mark on the franchise.

According to the Baltimore Examiner, the Orioles could release veteran outfielder Jay Gibbons by voiding the final two seasons if the allegations against him are true. However, I think that will be far easier said than done considering the collective bargaining agreement and players’ union.

That being said, the Orioles could really play hardball with Gibbons, considering how the club handled Sidney Ponson and lest we forget, the vast resources of Peter Angelos, his law firm and legal mind.

Drew Forrester of WNST believes the Orioles are in a real tough spot with Gibbons.

Roch Kubatko spoke to David Segui about Jay Gibbons and the use of HGH in baseball – interesting what he had to say.

Bill Ordine addresses the HGH issue in baseball.


The Baltimore Sun has a preview and scouting report of the Angels-Oriole series tonight as does Heather Irvin of Oriole Magic. Victor Santos, in his first start as an Oriole, goes against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

Things have not been easy for the Orioles, and as we are in the homestretch of the season, they are going to look to lift themselves from a deep hole.

Craig Heist knows Dave Trembley is going through a real hard time, and Amber Theoharis chronicles the hell that the Orioles are in. Meanwhile, Dempsey’s Army lets us know what we all know – the team isn’t good.

Allen McCallum opines that the Baltimore baseball club did not endear Bedard or Guthrie to any upcoming post season accolades.

The Wayward O has his thoughts on Jay Gibbons – um, it’s not good.

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