Monday, September 10, 2007

Woe is the Baltimore Orioles; Gibbons Implicated in Drug Probe, Orioles Lose Again 3-2 to the Red Sox...

For most fans, what happened yesterday with the Orioles on the field is secondary; alas, what is making news today for most fans has been a serious topic in the forefront of sports today, especially baseball.

Steroids. HGH. Cheating. Drug Use. Signature Pharmacy.

This time, the issue has hit close to home.

Oriole DH Jay Gibbons is the latest name to turn up in the whole steroid witch hunt.

At this point, it looks like we are seeing 2005 all over again, just this time it feels a lot more painful. The drug issue has been revisited with this team (again), and you have to wonder at this point if anyone else will be ensnared.

With the whole Jason Grimsley episode, it was hearsay and a man's word against another man's; however, there is proof and a major sporting publication Sports Illustrated has reported on it.

Like I said, yesterday - where there is smoke, there is fire. I am guessing now that the smoking gun has fired, and Gibbons is just another in a littany of players who'll be facing the music sooner or later.

Outside of Baltimore, no one will care much; alas, to us Oriole fans, this is more of same bad news.

According to most fans, on the blogs, net, forums and amongst conversation with ourselves it was widely assumed that Gibbons was on something based on his physique, but more importantly, his performance the last several seasons.

Off the field, Jay Gibbons is seen as a nice guy and decent person in the community; however, his reputation with O's will be tainted, and his on the field performance didn't endear him to anyone.

Personally, I think Jay Gibbons is a sign of the times with athletes. Most athletes are high competitive people, and some will do anything to win and gain a competitive advantage. From the fringe minor leaguer to the All-Star, players will do whatever they can to get ahead, secure the big contract, in some cases; however, most important -- keep their job and status.

He's innocent until proven guilty; alas, if he did partake in illegal drug use and PEDS, he gambled and he lost.

Even if Jay never gets suspended, he's in a world of hell, and his standing in the Baltimore community will never be the same again. He's going to have other problems, including the validity of his contract and a litany of stuff, but temptation is a hard thing to resist.

I am a cynical person and I see athletes for what they are, entertainers; however, there is a large segment of the population, mostly kids and their families who look up to these guys and every time news like this comes out, it just cheapens and poisons the sporting experience.

Often things are never as they seem; even with a great uplifting story like Rick Ankiel.


Roch Kubatko has his thoughts on the Jay Gibbons' news, and he's not very optimistic.

Meanwhile, what should have been the biggest news of yesterday has not been mentioned - now Jeremy Guthrie is hurt. In the game yesterday, Jeremy Guthrie pulled himself out of it as he left with discomfort. It's been found that he's got the same injury that Bedard has and I would not be at surprised if he is shut down until '08.

Also, item B from yesterday - Erik Bedard is done. Let's give the man a hand, he's done amazing this season and his numbers cannot be beat. He's now established himself as one of the top flight starters in baseball, and hopefully the Orioles will give him an extension.

With the news, to show how desperate we are, the Orioles signed Victor Zambrano. Let's hope he can bring us a respite from the losing; however, his numbers the past few season shows a guy who may be close to the end and has to come up big. Why we signed him, I don't know - but we need the help.

Oh yeah, the Red Sox did beat the O's 3-2 yesterday and it was yet another game the bullpen could not hold; however, Saturday's game was awesome and seeing Scott Moore homer was a good thing. Meanwhile, Red Sox fans have christened Oriole Park as Fenway South.

The Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, the Orioles MLB site, & Orioles Hangout have more on the game yesterday.

Peter Schmuck is glad football is here; so am I. Honestly, baseball is not revelant right now in the area, and the Ravens are an elixir of relief when it comes to the Orioles.


Tim Moore said...

i'm going to go crazy if one more player gets exposed. i cant explain how much i hate the tv coverage of it.

it's not looking good in baltimore eh?

nice work here!

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Tim, I think the worst is yet to come...

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