Saturday, September 29, 2007

O's Dethrone the Evil Empire, Beat Yanks in 10, 10-9; The Rundown

What a game! Wow. With a little less than two days officially left in the Orioles season, those who have given up on the team or have already flipped the calendar year to 2008 sure as hell missed an exciting ball game last.

Despite the win-loss record, the Birds have not packed it in as of yet.

The Orioles won last night in 10 innings, 10-9, thanks to some creativity by Melvin Mora. With the bases loaded, he dropped a bunt along the third base side to drive in the winning run.

Since the Birds defeated the Yankees, New York lost the division the title to Boston – the first time in nine years that has not happened.

New York came armed and ready to go, as Alex Rodriguez had four RBIs; however, it was not enough. The Orioles’ Jon Leicester got tagged hard as he gave up seven runs in about four innings of work, but Rob Bell pitched valiantly and kept the team in the game, and Chad Bradford earned the win.

Jay Payton had a huge night with 3 RBIs, and led the rally in the 5th inning which brought the Orioles back.

Baltimore scored 3 runs in the bottom of the ninth off Mariano Rivera to send the game into extra innings.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game, as does Orioles Hangout, MVN’s Oriole Magic, Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, & Orioles MLB site.

Roch Kubatko has his thoughts and thrilling details from last night in his blog, Roch Around the Clock.

Kevin Millar has spent some time on the bench this week as he’s been struggling.


tws392000 said...

After picking and choosing what Oriole games to watch over the last six weeks, I actually watched this one through to the end (while switching back and forth to the Padres-Brewers game) and lo, and behold, the Orioles rallied to beat the Yankees. Doesn't quite make up for the "Mother's Day Miracle," or any other number of embarassing losses, but I'll take it.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Indeed - that was a great game. Too bad they have been too few and far between.

Until 2008, my friend...

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