Sunday, September 2, 2007

More on Last Night: The No-Hitter By Clay Buchholz; The Rundown...

I like the WNST radio station and all, but Nestor really needs to give it up with the hostility. In light of the Baltimore Orioles' malaise this season, the 30-3 game, the Red Sox no-hitter are part of the ebbs and flow of baseball.

Yes, the game can be extreme, and full of highs and lows, but it is what it is. We all know the Orioles are bad this season, but some of unusual and horrible games that have taken place this season along with the moves made in the off season have made the 2007 even more tragic.

This what Nestor had to say about last night and the season in general:

"So, if a 30-3 beatdown didn't upset your stomach...

And if an 11-run inning and a Camden Yards sweep at the hands of the Tampa Bay Devil Rays didn't send you to drive the porcelain bus...

And if a pair of nine-game losing streaks didn't exactly make history...

TONIGHT, the 2007 Orioles added a "Peter Angelos ego-sized" mark on the history books: tonight they were no-hit by a kid making his second appearance in a major league game and it was done at Fenway Park, which other than for the facade, will look very similar to the crowd here in Baltimore next weekend as the Red Army invades the Inner Harbor one more time."

Nestor, can you give it up with the negativity?

I was there last night, it does not matter if the National Guard, the Marines, the Army, or the Air Force had a say in the matter, the Red Sox were too much for the Oriole to handle, and Clay Buchholz pitched one of most wonderful games I have ever seen.

It’s still unbelievable what I saw last night, and a rookie in his second game did it; however, it’s just another fluky event that happens in the several thousand games that take place in baseball.


The Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, Orioles MLB site, Orioles Hangout, and the Baltimore Sun have a recap of the historic night.

James Baker of Oriole Magic gives his two cents from Saturday night as does Sun blogger, Roch Kubatko.

Justin Pedroia made a play that no doubt saved Clay Buccholz’s no-hitter bid; meanwhile, the Oriole batters were impressed with the Sox rookie hurler.

Jeff Zrebeic reports that Millar is close to his option for next year, and we should not be surprised if he is back for ’08.

The prospects from the Trachsel trade are in the majors for the last month of the season, and Trembley wants to see what they can do…

The great Oriole blogs, Camden Chat, the Wayward Oriole hark on Saturday.

I’ll have more thoughts later, but I am going out for the afternoon….

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