Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dave Trembley, Shades of Earl Weaver; Photos Along With Pictures Of His Ejection & Performance...

I have been trying to find this video all night, and my mission is accomplished.

Here's video of Dave Trembley being ejected from Wednesday night's ball game.

The best part of Wednesday night was seeing Dave Trembley ejected. He was not happy over a completely botched call by umpire Paul Emml where Scott Moore was called out at second base off a Jay Payton ground out.

However, Howie Kendrick was not on the bag - he was in a completely different time zone.

Alas, Trembley put on a great performance for those in attendance. He must have telepathically tapped into the head of Earl Weaver, Billy Martin or Lou Piniella because in his tantrum he not only drew a line where Kendrick stood and then HE THREW the umpire out due to this utter incompetence.


Thanks to jenner8675309 for the video!


Here are some pictures below!





The photo of him actually throwing the umpire out was blurry & out of focus, so I had to chuck it...

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