Thursday, September 13, 2007

Welcome to the Bottom: Orioles Lose to the Angels 18-6, the Rundown

I went to the Angels/Orioles game last night, and usually out of support I stay the duration of match-up.

However, on Thursday night, I left early. Being the Orioles were down 11-5 and I honestly had better things to do last night, like get up for work on time and refreshed in the morning, I gave up.

Good thing I did. It only worse thereafter.

In the end, life goes on and Baltimore lost to Anaheim, this time with yet another football score, 18-6.

The best part of last night was seeing Dave Trembley ejected. He was not happy over a completely botched call by umpire Paul Emml where Scott Moore was called out at second base off a Jay Payton ground out.

However, Howie Kendrick was not on the bag - he was in a completely different time zone.

Alas, Trembley put on a great performance for those in attendance. He must have telepathically tapped into the head of Earl Weaver, Billy Martin or Lou Piniella because in his tantrum he not only drew a line where Kendrick stood and then HE THREW the umpire out due to this utter incompetence.

Great theater.

Now, the bad. There was a lot of it.

Daniel Cabrera was tagged for 10 runs, 8 of them earned. The bullpen did not do much better, in fact, sucked even more. He's lost his 16th game in a row.

Errors, walks and just down right bad play did the team in. The Angels took advantage of the Orioles poor play and beat the heck of them.

Garrett Anderson hit a homer and drove in five runs, and Vladmir Guerrero drove in four RBIs.


The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, Orioles Hangout & Oriole Magic!

Bob Cohn of the Washington Times has an article on the the state of the Baltimore Orioles & Dave Trembley, which is obviously not good.

Rock Kubtako has his thoughts on last night, as well as Nick Markakis and the state of the team.

Peter Schmuck opines that the Orioles free fall into oblivion this season has exposed a lot of problems that the team needs to fix.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Guthrie still wants to pitch this season and he's itching to come back into the fold.

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