Thursday, September 13, 2007

This & That: Dr. Dre's New Look...

Being that my job sucks at the moment, I decided to fart around on and catch some of the MTV Video Music Award Coverage.

Remember back in the day, Dr. Dre was the big thing and pontificated about the wonders of marijuana and partying? I used to remember him look fairly frumpy and out of shape, more or less like the average (just that he's far more wealthy).

Now, Dr. Dre is buff. I mean, not in shape, but it looks like he's been lifting like crazy and looks like a football player or bodybuilder.

Good for him, and even I was shocked by the way he looked.

Considering the whole drug thing in sports, maybe he's suspected of it, HGH, etc.

No matter what, good for him and he being disciplined enough to get himself in shape and achieve that look.

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