Friday, September 21, 2007

O's Win in Extra, 6-3: The Rundown and More...

Hey everyone, hope all is well today wherever you are. I just have been real busy with personal life and dealing with a situation, but all is well.

The Orioles left the intimidating confines of the Bronx after being swept in three straight games; however, in the deep heat of Texas they were able to pull out a win in the late innings, 6-3.

Ok, so the bullpen did make things real, real interesting late; alas, they were able to pull it out.

The Rangers held a 1-0 lead until the ninth inning and then the Orioles scored off a Miguel Tejada single.

Baltimore trashed Texas in the tenth inning thanks to Brad Wilkerson error, a Melvin Mora RBI, and a three run homer by Nick 'the Stick" Markakis. They scored five runs in the ninth inning and the bullpen gave up two runs off RBIs by Hank Blalock and Marlon Byrd, but Francisco Cabrera was able to close out the game.

With a little more than a week remaining in the season, can the Orioles reach 70 wins? We've got a continuation of the series with the Rangers, then the Royals come in for a game, then we have the Jays and Yankees.

Then, the season is over. Wow.

What a ride it has been.

Next week, I'll have my divisional series preview, along with a general review of the Orioles season.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game from last night as well as the Orioles MLB site, Washington Post, Orioles Hangout, and Baltimore Examiner.

Jay Payton has been suspended for 2 games, thanks to his tirades in New York. As much I know that he's frustrated in Baltimore and the losing, you cannot ever stand up an umpire no matter how you feel the need to. Roch Kubatko has more about the situation in his blog, Roch Around the Clock...

Meanwhile, Corey Patterson is hurt, but there's good news -- his MRI came back negative on his ankle.

Oh boy, Nestor Aparicio is planning ANOTHER PROTEST, this time on Monday against the Kansas City Royals; however, fans will stay in park and not walk out.


As we know, Miguel Tejada came to the Baltimore Orioles 4 years ago to be the centerpiece of the franchise. Well, for the most part, he's kept up his end of the bargain at the plate; however, in the field, it might be a different story.

Well, obviously the off-season for the Orioles will be interesting and much of the conversation will center around Tejada and whether he stays goes. This much is certain in my opinion, Miguel either has to accept a move to first or third and perhaps work on his conditioning, but this what I see -- he's not motivated, and as a guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve, he's not happy with the team's situation.

I feel if the Orioles are going to rebuild with young talent -- trade him and get what you can. I love Miggy, his passion for the game, and his skill, but for the good of the team and organization, there's no point spending $12 million if you're going to a be second division team one player. We blew a golden chance last year with the Angels, and from the looks of it, the trade could have helped Baltimore tremendously.

If Tejada is going to part of the team - get the support around him, a power bat or two.

Personally, I'd rather go the former route, but Baltimore needs a tangible plan and goal for next season and beyond.

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