Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More of the Same: O's Lose to the Angels, 10-5

For the Orioles, it was more of the same last night – another loss.

The Angels beat them 10-5, thanks to two monster home runs by Vladmir Guerrero’s two homers and the contributions of pretty much every Angel, as each batter got at least once hit.

With a thin starting rotation, Baltimore inserted another guy into the fold – Victor Santos.

Well, it’s not like he did any better than anyone else the team has trotted out there as of late.

He allowed five runs in 2 2/3 innings and naturally, the bullpen did not do any better as they coughed up 5 more runs.

Kevin Millar homered; however, the Oriole got whipped again.

This is their 17th defeat in 20 games and makes me wonder does anyone on this team care anymore? Besides Markakis’s solid numbers and Brian Roberts playing through injuries, what else is there to see?

Last night we reached a milestone; albeit, a sad one – the tenth straight losing season.


The Baltimore Examiner got an interview with Peter Angelos and got his thoughts on Jay Gibbons. He opined that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and Gibbons has not been tested positive for anything. However, he did not say much on other topics, such as the losing with the team.

The Oriole players, staff, manager and front office are naturally not talking about the whole PED issue with Jay Gibbons. I’m sure the players must feel a little disturbed and weary of it all, but for now, the public will not hear much from the team on the Gibbons story as advised through Orioles’ media director, Bill Stetka.

Are the Orioles cursed? Kevin Cowherd of the Sun and many believe so…

The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game as does the Baltimore Examiner, Washington Post, & Orioles Hangout.

Roch Kubtako looks at the Orioles as they are now, and a few more tidbits about the team.

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