Sunday, December 24, 2006

Orioles' Fan Fest: Why no Promotion?

Hello to all out there & hope you are enjoying Christmas Eve considering the unseasonably warn weather we are having in the DC/Baltimore area.

Anyhow, does anyone out there even know when Orioles' Fan Fest is? Anyone at all?

Well, using the means at my disposal, primarily my laptop and a little patience, I went on Google and entered in "Orioles Fan Fest 2007".

What did I find?

Well, on the first page of the search term entries, I did find a reference to Fan Fest 2007. The lasting for it was the fifth link down, as the first link referred to previous years Orioles' Fan Fest! And the kicker is, the lifting was not even on the Orioles' web site or any sites affiliated with it, but on a site called "Mendy's Baseball Memorabilia". The second mention of Fan Fest on that page is the last entry and it directs to the Baltimore Covention Center asking staff what needs to be ordered!

The only other place I found a mention of the event was on Orioles Hangout, only because there was a thread devoted it. Within that thread, one poster said that season ticket holders (at least those who paid their invoice off) were only notified about it.

I appreciate those particular sites for letting us know about Orioles Fan Fest 2007, but my first question is why the Orioles are not promoting it.

Let's go to the website. Link:

Do you see any mention of FanFest? No. Neither do I.

Why I am searching on Google for it when I should be able to find it on the team's website? Are they holding it this year?

According to Mendy's Mendy's Baseball Memorabilia, ( Link: ) this is what is said about Fanfest:

The Baltimore Orioles will conduct their annual Orioles FanFest on January 14, 2007, at the Baltimore Convention Center from 10 am to 6 pm. This is an all-day celebration of Baltimore baseball that will include the participation of several players and coaches.

Assorted Orioles players will sign autographs and pose for photos at the Baltimore Convention Center. There will also be baseball clinics, exhibits and interactive games during the celebration.

Check back for more information as it develops.

We are going on less than 3 weeks until the event, but yet nothing has been said officially from the Orioles, either in an advertisement, on the web, on the radio and even in a press release. Do they want to no one to come, or is there a hold-up? What if the Ravens play a game that Sunday (which they probably may) in the playoffs?

If someone can tell me why there has been no promotion for this event, please let me know. Heck, if someone from the front office or promotions could let me know, that would be better.

I would like to go, take pictures and perhaps my little brother to meet his favorite players. If nothing is announced, I probably still might go, or I may not and have other plans. What about fans and families, especially those with little kids?

I love this team as much as anyone, but sometimes stuff like this makes it hard to be a fan especially in these lean years.


Anonymous said...

I've been wondering the same thing. Looks like attendance is going to be very low this year since they aren't advertising it.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

I posted an update to this ... ok, an excuse and maybe a valid one, but in the end why have a MAJOR event if you don't bother to promote it...

Anonymous said...

The ravens may have a home game that day - we will all know by 12/31.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link you wanted for fanfest on the orioles website. God I cant wait to take my 18 month old son and 7 month old daughter to there first O's Fanfest.

Anonymous said...

They notoriously don't promote fanfest. They can't pin down the players to make a commitment to be there, so usually the schedule doesn't get released until a day or 2 before. With the big Ripken show at the end of the month, which seems like a rip off to me, unless the money is going to a good charity, and the fact that the ravens may have a home game that day, I think they have no idea what to do. I also heard onthe radio the other day that there is a chance they won't have fan fest at all if the Ravens are playing that day. How am I supposed to explain that to my 8 year old who got a fan fest ticket from the O's in his Christmas card????

Anonymous said...

I spent most of yesterday, surfing the 'official' orioles, ESPN, MBL, the Balt. Convention Center, and the Balt. Sun....NO reference to anything for 2007.....thought I missed it (one year it was in Dec.). This am googled as other did....

Peter A. must be getting enough pay back from he doesn't need the 'fans'....

Dissapointed and Discusted...and in a year Cal will go to the 'Hall'.

ecupirates said...

I spoke to someone at the convention center the other day... she said that fanfest is confirmed, and now that the ravens game is on saturday it should be good to go. I have a hotel reservation, so i hope that it's all true...

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