Friday, December 29, 2006

Quick Hits ... Late Edition

  • The Baltimore Sun's trusty reporter and blogger, Roch Kubatko updates us on former Oriole David Newhan. It looks like may sign on with someone for a minor league contract and the choices are between the Cubs and Mets.

    Newhan could do a lot worse than those teams, and I wish him the best of luck.

    He was always one of my favorite Oriole players & a bench guy, he always played hard and often paid for it with his body. He was always nice to me when I wanted something signed like an autograph or just quick conversation.

    Godspeed, David.


  • According to the AP, The Florida Marlins and infielder Aaron Boone agreed to a $925,000, one-year contract on Friday, a move that gives one of baseball's youngest clubhouses another veteran and additional depth.

  • Right now, I am at a Kinko's near the Washington D.C./Maryland line right now, readying to see the movie, "We are Marshall", since it doesn't start for another hour & I needed to kill time. A good lady friend in the Pittsburgh area saw the movie already, & was highly recommended by her to see. I have already seen the "Pursuit of Happyness" this week, and it's rare I see 3 movies in a 2 week span. I'll let you all know what I think when I get home.


Mike Edelman said...

Good old Aaron Boone, a hero and a villain. On one hand he hit the home run to beat Boston but on the other his offseason injury caused A-Rod to go to the Yankees.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

LOL, Mike.

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