Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Day After...

Morning everyone! After a memorable day in Baltimore on Monday, the Black and Orange get back to business (read Heather Irvin's Oriole Magic preview); however, there's more to talk about with this team.

From the looks of things, MacPhail will be the man in charge and should have more autonomy than any person in his position ever has had. The question is, will Peter Angelos loosen the grip and let the people he hired to do their jobs?

As we know, Joe Girardi along with Davey Johnson and as well Dusty Baker may be candidates for the job. Personally, whomever comes in should realize the Baltimore Orioles need a lot of work, and while a lot of people like Joe Girardi, some like don't -- however, I believe at this point, the Orioles are in a severe change of culture.

The nice cop routine didn't work, you might as well try the bad one.

Whether it is Joe Girardi or Davey Johnson or Dusty Baker, work will have to be done with this organization, and the players, along with the front office will finally have to be accountable for their work done.

The Orioles are a lot better on paper than they look now, but the numbers don't lie (especially when it comes the bullpen and offense) -- the black and orange stink.

Meanwhile, the most salient part of the equation - the fans are not happy, and they are looking fot the day of yore when the team seemed to care and wanted to win.

For one of the elite franchises in sports known for winning and doing things the right way, to have fallen so far is galling.

You've got to read Tom Boswell's piece on the Orioles, as it is just galling the same script keeps playing itself with managerial firings with the organization, over and over again.

The Washington Times Thom Loverro pulls no punches with the Orioles, the organization is a mess. Phil Rogers of the Sun believes that the Orioles and Andy McPhail have made a good match.

From the looks of things, there will be a lot of changes to the team according to Dan Connolly of the Sun.

David Steele of the Sun thinks Joe Girardi would be a great fit
, if only more changes could be made in the roster. As we all know, the Orioles want Joe Girardi.

Jean Marbella finds ways we can deal with the problems with the Baltimore Orioles, and she recommends catching some minor league ball.

Matt Palmer of the Baltimore Examiner gives his thoughts on Sam Perlozzo.

Before I finish, I hope there is someone in the Oriole front office, or a player who reads this blog should really communicate to those in the organization how the fans feel. To be quite honest, fans are more depressed and angry with this team than I ever realized at any point in the last 10 years, and if they care about the future of the Orioles, this team will become evem more irrelevant to the eyes of people in Baltimore and their fans nationwide.

If things don't change, expect a lot, and I mean a lot of empty green seats at Camden Yards this summer.


Geoff Young said...

Man, what a mess. Observing from afar, I cannot believe how bad things have gotten out there. Make enough poor decisions, and it will come back to haunt a team. I hope the O's are able to regain some respectability before long. The fans deserve much better than this.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks for the comments, Goeff. I cannot agree with you more.

Things look awful here.

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