Friday, June 1, 2007

Quick Hits: O's Are Rolling, Sixth Win in A Row and the Rundown...

Well, after a season that has proven to be dramatic at times, full of ups and downs, and the manager’s job in peril; the Baltimore Orioles are now at .500 after a swoon in April-early May.

The boys in black and orange won their sixth straight game as they beat the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, by a score of 6-2 on the left coast last night.

The O’s offense once again was in high gear as flashy Brian Roberts has three hits, and Nick “the Stick” Markakis drove in three runs. The team beat a real tough pitcher in Kelvin Escobar, and touched him up for five runs over eight innings. Miguel Tejada, Brian Roberts, Jay Payton also drove in runs.

Brian Burres pitched five innings and gave up a single run, and struck out and walked three. Danys Baez, Jamie Walker, Chad Bradford and Chris Ray held the game in check.


The Baltimore Sun’s Jeff Zrebiec has a recap of the game, as does the Washington Post.

Phil Wood has a piece on the Orioles and how they have done this season…

It’s unknown if Jaret Wright will come back this year, or much less resume his career, but he wants to come back at some point. The & Washington Post has more on this story as well.

As we all know, Jeremy Guthrie and Brian Burres, the former long relievers, have helped to bolster the team’s starting corps.

The O, By the Way blog, has thoughts on last night’s game & other events in the sporting world.

The road jersey has been a source of contention for many Orioles baseball fans, as most long for the day to see “Baltimore” back on them. The issue had been brought up again and again by Mike of Oriole Magic, the fellows at WNST and also Orioles Hangout.

In this morning’s edition of the Baltimore Sun, Rick Maese pens an article on this debate titled, “O’s Must Budge on Road Uniform Debate”, he points out that it would probably be in the best interest for the team to give them what the fans want.

I have no idea why the Orioles don not want to do this, but in these lean years, I don’t know why they would not give into the will of the fans. Hopefully in due time they will consider this, but right now it does not make much sense why the organization would not want to put “Baltimore” on the road jerseys.

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Danys Baez, this time being, who is the best dressed on the team…

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