Wednesday, June 20, 2007

More O's Stuff: MacPhail, Ripken and More Rundown

Now that I have a mini-break in my ever so busy day here at the office, I am going to add more articles on the Perlozzo firing and the various opinions around those who cover the Black and Orange.

First off, FINALLY, the Orioles have introduced Andy MacPhail as COO, in a press conference today. Although the world had known he was hired since Monday; however, he was probably in the plans (not hired), much, much earlier.

In the same article, MacPhail denies an offer has been made to Girardi, which would contradict what ESPN said.

We shall see.

Bill Ordine in his blog, 'O, By The Way', notes the history of MacPhail and Angelos...


Phil Wood of the Baltimore Examiner brings up an important issue facing the Orioles and illustrates a reason why they may always be a second division team -- the team cannot attract the marquee free agents needed to compete.

I think the Orioles either need to go all out, or perhaps even more realistically, rebuild.

I found this passageimportant within the article:

A veteran baseball scribe told me over the weekend that beyond second baseman Brian Roberts, he didn't see anyone else in the Orioles' everyday lineup that would start ahead of his counterpart on the Red Sox, Yankees or Blue Jays. Nick Markakis might get a second look, but overall, I don't disagree.

Multiple big-league scouts this season have described the Orioles as a team of “second-division regulars,” another way of saying they're playing exactly the way they should be based on personnel. It's part of the culture of losing; with few exceptions, the premium free agents don't want to come to Baltimore, leaving a lot of second-tier players.

I do agree -- to an extent. We have a bunch of second and third tier players; however, the recent losing in 2007 is not so much about talent, but desire, doing the little things right, and executing. The Orioles have not been doing that at all this year.


The Baltimore Examiner has some more words from Perlozzo, and Jim Litke of the AP believes an older manager is needed for the Orioles (??), I get the notion he's half-joking.

Stan "The Fan" Charles of Press Box (a fine sports publication in the Baltimore area) has another theory on the MacPhail hiring and changes in the organization -- a legal case which Angelos' law firm is involved in. Mr. Charles thinks the plans for change within the organization (not so much with Perlozzo) started much, much earlier, perhaps in April-May.

Rob Long of WNST is lamenting that sports fans in Baltimore have nothing to cheer about this summer, especially the Orioles. However, football is around the corner...

Amber Theoharis thinks Kevin Millar would make a great clubhouse leader; however, I think it is too little, too late at this point.

In Jim Henneman's, 'Upon Further Review', he goes over all the potential managerial candidates for the Orioles, and also harks back to previous managers of the Orioles.


(photo from the Baltimore Sun)

As posted yesterday on the blog, Cal Ripken participated in a parade held in his honor in Bel Air, Md yesterday afternoon (click on the link to see the video by Bill Hughes). The Baltimore Sun, Baltimore Examiner.

More photos of the event can be found via Bel Air Scene (


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