Sunday, June 24, 2007

Orioles Win Streak Snapped, O's Lose 7-4 in the Desert...

After a three game winning streak, the Orioles got shot down last night in Arizona by a score of 7-4.

Brian Buress got yet another no decision in game where he struggled, and the Black and Orange coughed up a 4-0 lead and the game was lost in the fifth inning, as Eric Byrnes busted out with a very long homer off recent call-up Rob Bell.

The Oriole offense was awoken in the past few days, but could not muster a comeback on Saturday.

The Washington Post has a recap of the game last night.


It probably does not need to be repeated, but the Baltimore Orioles had a real dramatic week. The Baltimore Sun has a real interesting op-ed in today’s paper about the paper’s coverage of the events the past few days, and how the media covers that team in this state.

I found the piece real interesting and gives a reader further insight as to what the media really thinks about the escapades with the Orioles recently.


David Steele of the Baltimore Sun thinks that Miguel Tejada’s time in Baltimore has passed, and perhaps might need to be dealt for the future of the team. Furthermore, Mr. Steele believes that the Orioles have done a disservice to Tejada by not building a team centered on him and he’s paying for it.

As I mentioned in a post on my blog yesterday, in order to break Lou Gehrig’s record, Cal Ripken had some extraordinary luck and in an article in the Washington Post, he reflects on the “streak” and also feels tremendous empathy for Miguel Tejada.

Matt Palmer in his blog on the Baltimore Examine’s website has his thoughts on the O’s road trip and events of the past week.

Andy McPhail seemingly rooted for the Orioles as a kid, and now fans and everyone alike are looking for him to rebuild the franchise.

Peter Schmuck of the Sun gives Dave Trembley high marks, while realizing MacPhail has a lot of work to do.

Dan Connolly believes that Eric Byrnes could potentially fit into the outfield with the Baltimore Orioles in 2008, but will he come here? That is the question…

It looks like Erik Bedard will not miss a start, and Rick Dempsey wants an interview; however, former Twins manager does not want one.

The Orioles MLB site has more on Erik Bedard and his hamstring.

The Sun has a question with Jon Knott

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