Monday, June 18, 2007

Quick Hits: More Fear and Moaning; O's Lose Another One to the D-Backs Late, 6-4; What About Sam and the Rundown...

As we all know, the Baltimore Orioles lost yesterday to the Arizona Diamondbacks by a score of 6-4, for their eighth straight loss, and their 13th loss in 15 games. There’s no need to go over the game, just that Brian Burres pitched a great game, but yet, the bullpen could not hold onto the tie and another loss was tacked onto the record books.

The vast majority, if not all the fans of the Orioles are at a loss for words with the losing.

In a sad state of affairs, the Washington Nationals have a better record than the Baltimore Orioles.

Where do we go from here?

First off, Kevin Millar is planning to hold a players-only meeting in San Diego on Tuesday according to the Baltimore Sun. It’s too bad that the players are doing this now, rather than earlier last week or perhaps even sooner than that. There’s also a game recap in the article, but that is now beside the point.

Second, the players are obviously frustrated. Sam Perlozzo been booed without mercy at the ballpark, and I kind of feel sorry for him.

The team lacks leadership and direction, perhaps maybe someone like Millar should question what is going on, but where the voices like Mora, Roberts, or Tejada?

There’s also speculation on the job security of Sam Perlozzo, and if there’s a day for him to be canned, it would be today, on an off day.

Sorry for the delays this weekend, I had Beltway Baseball this weekend which had some tech problems, I had to cover the games this weekend for Oriole Magic, and I had to work an article on the DC United for the DC Sports Box.

This week should return to normal for me.


Roch Kubtako’s latest entry in his blog is a must read on the situation going on in the clubhouse and the losing streal. It looks like this team is in dire straits and something needs to happen. From the outside looking in, it’s only now that that the players are taking responsibility for their actions, but it is a little late for all this to happen now.

He also had an entry earlier on Sunday evening about the player’s only meeting, and he says this:

“He (Millar) was angry that a few members of the electronic media were joking around in the clubhouse, which is frowned upon when a team is losing. He reminded everyone that this isn't a party and to be more respectful.

Most of us get that already, but for those who don't, a lesson learned.”

Are you kidding me? The electronic media? If that’s the case, that’s not good – wow.

Also, fans are turning on the team and it’s now getting under the players’ skin with the heckling and the booing? Ugh, things are ugly, ugly here…

For me, all this is entertainment, not real life. I know people get emotionally involved in sports, and a lot of people live and die with their sports teams, but let’s not take this too far.

It’s just a game, people.


The Baltimore Examiner has details of the sad loss yesterday in Baltimore as does the Washington Post.

David Steele believes that the players waited too late to react, and that could in turn cost Sam Perlozzo his job.

Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun has his thoughts on the drama with the Orioles and if and when Peter Angelos will make a move or usher a change in the team.

Brian Burres pitched a hell of a game yesterday, and does not blame the bullpen for the loss. Jay Gibbons had a nice game yesterday, it meant very little considering what the team is going through now.

Bill Ordine of the O, By the Way Blog, has his thoughts on the loss on Sunday and the current situation with the Orioles.

The Diamondbacks used an unusual shift on Aubrey Huff in the series…

If you think the Orioles have it bad, look at the Pittsburgh Pirates...

Tike Redman is having a solid year at Norfolk, and could merit a major league call up if he is needed…

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Jamie Walker, this time about his favorite city to play in.

This weekend, Jim Hoey, and Cory Doyne promoted from Norfolk, while Danys Baez is on the DL, and Todd Williams got released. There’s more on this from the Orioles MLB Site and the Washington Post (which also has news on Adam Loewen).

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