Saturday, June 2, 2007

John Lackey and His Thoughts on Facing the Orioles Last Night

Well, as you know, last night, the Baltimore Orioles lost to the Angel's John Lackey last night on the left coast in Sunny California.

John Lackey has joined us bloggers in the internet world by having his own space in world via the great site, Yardbarker.

This is what John opined on about last night's game:

"There are two things that have made the difference for me winning nine games - first I've been able to stay in games late. Second, my boys seem to come up big in my starts. Tonight was a perfect example of our guys battling.

After giving up the two runs in the first I told myself I am going to put up some zeroes the next few innings and that's going to get you back in it. Obviously Gary Matthews had the key hit tonight .

For whatever reason I've been able to win close games and I have been able to go deep in those games. I have been pitching well but we've been playing good baseball, especially the last month." - From his blog on Yardbarker...

John, you had a good win last night. Good work.

Even better that the world gets to see and read your thoughts!

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