Friday, June 1, 2007

Allison Stokke: The Coverage on TV and Online - WTF?

Sadly, the Stokke family still cannot stay out of the spotlight. Pandora's Box has been opened, and things may never be same with Ms. Stokke and her family.

It looks like they don't want to, as from the rumors online, her father did an interview with Fox News yesterday, and Matt Ufford of With Leather appeared on Fox News (look for 'Unwanted Fame')

As much as I was bothered by seeing a 18 year old being plastered on the net and seen as an attraction not of her own doing, it irks me even more that her dad and she have been doing interviews even though they do not want the attention.

I posted a link on my blog yesterday to a interview she did in her area, and according to a few sites and forums on the internet, including With Leather (which has even more pictures of her online) and Sports By Brooks which has some images of her for sale from the Orange County Register, it shows how this story had blown and now is ridiculous.

Actually, the fellow behind With Leather makes a good case to why Ms. Stokke should take advantage of her opportunity; however, her pictures should not be online at all without her wishes.

It makes me think what in the devil is going on?

Craziness. Between her, A-Rod, & Elijah, it's been a wild and interesting week...

1 comment:

em said...

I am just a passing reader of your blog, but I can't help but notice that you have 3 posts in 4 days, all incredulous about how people can't stop talking about Allison Stokke. You have a TAG for 'Allison Stokke.' It just seems a little hypocritical and/or ironic to me that you're ranting about With Leather and all the rest of the internet giving her unwanted attention. Seriously, every day I see another post on this blog about Allison Stokke I think, "Again?!? Is this guy actually unable to recognize that he's just as much a part of the 'problem' (if it can be called that) as anyone else?" This is as bad as her family doing interviews for the Post and Fox about all of the "unwanted" attention. I'm genuinely baffled. The internet has turned 15 minutes of fame into 5 minutes of fame because there's always something new coming along. This would've blown over long ago, if it weren't for all of the people (present company included) posting about the posting (about the posting about the posting). How about a little self-awareness?

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