Monday, June 18, 2007

Thumbing My Way - The Aftermath of the Firing of Perlozzo...

Well, if you are a Orioles' fan, today will not be a day forgotten for a while.

Today, now more than ever, I know for sure the Baltimore Orioles are more screwed up than I ever realized.

From the way the press conference this afternoon was held, to the way they treated the media covered the events at the Yard, to just the general mood of fans, things are not right with the team. From the looks of it, this team has no direction, no passion and seems to be completely lost.

A few of the players spoke out at the Yard today, but most ignored the press.

By the way, I watched the press conference again -- very surreal. It almost looked for a few moments that Mike Flanagan choked up and got emotional. It was even weirder that Dave Trombley was not even there to address the media.

Furthermore, you have to read this blurb by Roch Kubatko, as the Orioles closed access to the clubhouse and the reporters had to try to track down players in the parking lot!!!

"Meanwhile, the Orioles are keeping reporters outside the ballpark. We have to stand at the guard station on the ramp that leads to the players' parking lot. Take one step beyond that point and warning shots might be fired.

The way this team is going, I'm sure they'd be high and outside.

Heaven forbid the Orioles grant us access on such an important day. Are they worried that players will rip Perlozzo? More likely, they'll say all the right things. But who wants that?

A security guard rode up to us on his little cart and basically told us to stop bothering the players.

Has he been watching the games lately? I'm the one who's bothered."

Wow. No wonder this team is treated like a complete national joke. For an organization to not have allowed the media access to players for a breaking news story is just asinine.

As the Sam Perlozzo era came to a close today, The Sun's Jeff Zrebeic takes a look back at Sam Perlozzo's questionable moves in 2007.

While the club tries to court Joe Girardi, Rick Maese of the Sun believes the organization will not improve unless more happens -- I agree.

Baltimore Sun has confirmed that Andy MacPhail has been hired as the Orioles' COO, even though the news has been known, um, pretty much all day.

The Orioles MLB site got some fans to weigh in on the events of today.

Radio station WNST has way too many postings today on their blog to link to, but you have to give it all a read. They are just ripping the poor Baltimore Orioles and how they handled things today with the press conference -- badly.


tws392000 said...

This just goes to show that as an organization, the Orioles don't get it. Why keep the media at bay when breaking news regarding the ballclub is being announced? Why be so secretive with details? Goodness knows, the fans have suffered enough with the ineptitude over the last decade. Even the small gestures that the organization could have done, like putting "Baltimore" back on the road uniforms to placate the fans don't get done. It is said that if you take care of the small things, the larger things will take care of themselves. I don't think that Oriole management follows that line of thinking.

I agree that getting rid of Perlozzo, while apparently necessary, is only a first step. The Orioles need a real plan. One need only look at the Nationals to see that they at least have a plan. It may not work out, but at least they are honest with the fans as to what they are trying to do. The Orioles act as if they are just one or two players away from contention and it just hasn't been so.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks for your comment, I could not have said it better myself. To be honest, I am a person who stays positive and does not get overly emotional about sports (it's just game, I say); however, talking to Perlozzo face to face for a few minutes, I could tell the whole ordeal was wearing on him.

I have never been so distressed by the Baltimore Orioles at any point as I am now.

This team is doing everything, and I mean everything absolutely wrong.

You know, if you are being paid million X times more than average American to play a kid's game and live out a dream, at least they can try or at least care for the fans.

Too many of these guys blow off kids after a game, and forget how fortunate they are.

In one of the few places where the employees make more than the boss, at least they should take some culpability when they screw up.

Sam was a good guy, too bad he had to be sent packing.

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