Monday, June 18, 2007

My Say - The Orioles As They Stand Right Now...

It’s late, but I wanted to post what I think of the organization. I don’t think at any point I have been more disgusted with the Baltimore Orioles than I am now. For team that was one of the elite franchises back a generation ago, the boys in orange and black are nothing more than a national joke and disgrace in the sports media.

I’d like to be positive, but after today I am now more convinced than ever this organization is more screwed up than I ever imagined.

It sucks that Sam was fired, but sometimes change is good. However, a good man was fired, and now more than ever, the players need to look in the mirror.

In my honest opinion, expect a lot of changes from now until next season. This team will be blown up and rebuilt.

Andy McPhail is the new COO, and will probably have a lot of say in baseball matters, considering he was president of the Cubs and had some success there; moreover, he spent many years in Minnesota in the mid-80’s and 90’s building up that team and winning.

I see him having a lot of control, and if he could get Girardi in town, how business is conducting within the Yard will change -- a lot.

This team needs a plan, and honestly needs to forget about contending for a year or two.

Kiss 2007 goodbye, and Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette (who I really like) should be on watch.

I think Leo has done a lot of good with the starting pitching in light of the failures of the bullpen, and he may stay or go.

I see him possibly leaving considering the friendship with Sam Perlozzo and the lack of fire by his players.

Half the team needs to look in the mirror and ask themselves what role they had in getting Sam Perlozzo fired.

The free agents have been a bust for the most part, and the bullpen, well, -- that does not need any more explaining. After modest goals this season, the Orioles have just plain tanked and have not done anything in June.

Folks, the season is pretty much over unless the Orioles can tap into some Yankee magic; however, this team does not even have the talent to sustain a run like that.

If things get uglier, the fans may not come back – perhaps for an extended time. The Orioles also need to keep that in line as the fanbase is so disgusted with the team, a lot of people just plain didn’t react when the Orioles coughed up the lead in yesterday’s game.

People still care as evidenced by the activity on the Internet, but people will NOT spend their hard earned money on a product that stinks.

The media may have their own say, but the fans are speaking with their feet and dollars.

Perlozzo being canned was in the works for a few days from the looks of things, and the losing streak all but sealed his fate.

It's not good, and the Orioles again are once again a national joke.

Something had to happen.

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