Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Quick Hits; The Yankees are Coming to Town & Rundown...

The Baltimore Orioles take on the New Yankees, or the Evil Empire, or Spankees, Bronx Bombers, or M****r F******g Yankees, or whatever you want call them. Alas, the boys from New York are in a vastly unfamiliar position, as their record is at 36-37.

They got swept by Barry Bonds and the Giants out west, and they are seemingly a world away from the Red Sox right now.

The series should be interesting, nevertheless, as it is always a show when Jeter, A-Rod, and the big name talent of the Yankees come to town.

I would consider this series important to the Orioles as well as it could lengthen Trembley’s tenure as the manager of the team, or perhaps usher in his replacement sooner rather than later. Furthermore, this series along with the one with the Angels (this weekend) could cement the Orioles a team floundering or one that may be done for the season.

Jeremy Guthrie pitches tonight against Andy Pettitte, so that will be an interesting contest to take in.

Matt Palmer has an open letter to Yankee fans


Spencer Fordin of the Orioles MLB site has a Q&A with interim manager, Dave Trembley. He’s finally getting his chance to live out his dream in the big leagues in an article in today’s Sun by Roch Kubatko (a great piece and very much worth reading; alas, in the end, you want to support the guy).

In light of Dave Trembley managing the team for now, Andy MacPhail is putting together a list of candidates to manage the Baltimore Orioles. Honestly, let’s see how Trembley does before getting a replacement, like seeing how does at least until the All-Star break.

Peter Schmuck notes what we all know as Orioles fans that live in Maryland; the Yankees are coming to town…

Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post has a great piece on Jeremy Guthrie, and hearing him on the radio, on TV and interacting with him in person, he seems to be a humble, knowledge and down-to-earth person; something very rare in athletes today.

According to a report in the Washington Post, the Orioles are reconsidering trying to coax Joe Girardi into taking the managerial job with the team during the offseason. Why he would, I don’t know; however, it’s worth a shot.


The Lady said...

The Yankees didn't get swept by the Giants. The lost 2 of 3.

Anonymous said...

It's pretty simple with Girardi. He left the door open in case the Yanks and White Sox don't hire him. My guess is MacPhail takes that as a diss and tells Joe we're no longer interested.

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