Friday, June 29, 2007

Suspended! Yankees Lead O's 8-6, Game to Resume July 27th; The Rundown...

Last night the Orioles didn’t win nor lose, neither did the Yankees.

Rather, a downpour and a fierce early summer storm last night resulted in the Orioles/Yankees game being postponed until July 27th, when the game will be continued!

Honestly, I would have liked to go to the Yard last night, but I had been to two Yankee games this week, and I didn’t want to get caught up in the elements last night.

I’m puzzled why this game was not stopped earlier from watching it via MASN, but I guess the umpires had their reasons.

The game got called in the top of the eighth inning as the Yankees sneaked ahead of the Orioles by a score of 8-6, as Derek Jeter drove in 2 runs thanks to a bases loaded single. In the drama, Melvin Mora got ejected for arguing the merits of Thursday’s game (basically, why the two teams were playing in a downpour.)

The bullpen, in a recurring theme, coughed up a 6-4 lead in the eighth inning.

Anyhow, Daniel Cabrera last night showed why he is one of the most promising pitchers in the game, while also being one of the more frustrating ones. He basically glided through the first few innings and looked amazing until he faced Andy Phillips.

Then Phillips hit a homer.

Then Daniel got inconsistent, lost his command, and gave up a few more hits while became two more runs.

The O’s got on the board with a 2-run shot by Brian Roberts. Jay Gibbons drove in 2 runs, and Kevin Millar drove in a run as well.

The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim will be in Baltimore this weekend for a three game series.


The Baltimore Sun, and Washington Post have a recap of the game that was and was not…

Bill Ordine from the O, By the Way Blog on the Baltimore Sun has his thoughts on last night’s mess, as does Roch Kubatko.

Dave Trembley will be the Orioles manager for now, but he’s not changing his approach and doesn’t believe he’s trying out for the position. However, it will give players the chance to relax and focus on baseball for now.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post reports that Dave Trembley is grateful for the opportunity.

Pitching is the foundation of any team, and David Ginsburg looks at four men who can lead the Orioles into the future and back into prominence.

Daniel Cabrera can be a force on the mound, only if he gets more consistent and learns a third pitch (needed!) & Spencer Fordin has more on this an article on the Orioles MLB site.


Yankees fan 42 said...

All I can say as the Orioles keep going down the toilet, the Yankees will feed off of their greatness and skill...

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Y -- You very well my be right if the O's don't write their ship, sad as it is to say...

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