Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Words and Thoughts of Sam Perlozzo...

I just read the Baltimore Examiner article by David Ginsburg (AP), “Perlozzo: I Thought I Could Help the Orioles”, and just wanted to give my two cents.

It was pretty obvious to me that Sam is an Oriole-lifer and had great affection for the organization. Although, most everyone wanted him gone as a manager (and it was for the best), the cards were stacked against him due to a bullpen that bombed, and second tier player additions (Huff, Millar) who never hit their stride.

With injuries to key players (Payton, Hernandez) to start off the season, and guys who are now out for the year (Wright, Loewen, Benson), it was not a good situation to be in.

Add to that players who seem to have no fire in them (Tejada, Mora) and those who just plain were underwhelming (Gibbons, Patterson); the writing was on the wall for Sam.

That being said, here’s what Perlozzo divulged in his interview with the AP.


"I'd been in the organization a long time, so I pretty much knew what I was getting into," Perlozzo said Tuesday. "I felt I could make a difference. I truly believed I was the guy that could do it."


"I'm sure I wasn't perfect," he said, "but I can't remember one time going home at night and thinking, 'Man, I blew that game.”


"I don't see me taking a year-and-a-half off," Perlozzo said. "I'm going to keep my eye on next year; see how the team does without me. When things settle down a bit, I might call Peter and ask him what he's got for me."

I can see Sam perhaps re-joining the Orioles in another capacity, but not right now.

This quote surprised me, however:

"I'm sure I wasn't perfect," he said, "but I can't remember one time going home at night and thinking, 'Man, I blew that game.”

Eh, some would beg to differ – however, when you have guys making several million dollars per season and cannot get anyone out, or get the key hit, it does not matter who is managing; you’re in trouble.

The Mother’s Day Massacre, which perhaps started the Sam Perlozzo’s journey out the door as the manager of the team, as bad as the decision was to give Guthrie the hook – the team needed two measly outs with a five run lead.

Bad luck and just horrific play on part of the various players of the Orioles lost Perlozzo his job.

Maybe Angelos and the front office as well...


Greta said...

Sam deserved to get fired, but he also deserves our thanks.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Thanks Greta for the input! Well, I don't know if he deserved to get fired (when the Oriole performed like they did, that would happen), but the deck was sadly stacked away against him.

Greta said...

I only shook Sam's hand once, didn't really get to talk to him. I'd really like to, though.
I didn't realize that you weren't on my links - you are now!

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