Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Quick Hits: In Jeremy, We Trust; O's Win 3-2, the Rundown & More

It should be pretty unanaminous now that Jeremy Guthrie is ever so deserving of a spot on the All-Star team.

In steamy and sweatbox like conditions at the Yard last night, the O's beat the Yankees in the bottom of the 9th by a score of 3-2.

The Yankee bullpen (which I think has been the team's undoing and very weak) coughed the game up in the final frame as Scott Proctor loaded the bases and walked Ramon Hernandez in for the winning run.

If you saw the game, it looked like Proctor beaned Hernandez at the end, but umpire Rob Drake (who must have been paid by Steinbrenner, was sleeping, or *honestly* just missed the call) thought differently, but Ramon earned the walk anyway to win the game.

In a strong start, Andy Pettitte gave two runs and eight hits in seven innings; meanwhile, Jeremy Guthrie allowed two runs and seven hits in 6 1/3 innings, and looked magnificent in the first five innings, but got hit a bit in the sixth and seventh innings, as Johnny Damon homered off him.

The O's scored thanks to a Markakis RBI and Corey Patterson's RBI in the 4th (he was 3 for 3)!

The same two teams meet tonight, as Erik Bedard squares off against the ageless Roger Clemens.

It should be a heck of a game.

There's more from the game last night from the Washington Post, Baltimore Examiner, and the Baltimore Sun.

Bill Ordine in the O, by the Way Blog, on the Baltimore Sun's website has a recap of the game.

It looks like Miguel Tejada will be out a month (at least), and thus, unlikely untradable. I expect at this point to see him shopped around in the offseason, as this point, he's seen as a shortstop with declining range and offense. There's more on the Tejada situation from the Baltimore Examiner, the Orioles MLB site, and the Baltimore Sun. Now that Miguel is out, the spot for the reserve shortstp may be wide open...

Andy MacPhail started his new job with the Orioles yesterday; however former Oriole Cal Ripken is tired of changes and wants to see continutity with the organization.

As we know, Dave Trembley is the intertim manager of the Baltimore Orioles, and Phil Wood wonders if he'll be Earl Weaver and perhaps bring back the 'Oriole Way', or be a flash in the past...

In light of the Sam Perlozzo firing, Leo Mazzone plans to stay with the yeam until he retires...

Nick Markakis was a Red Sox fan growing up and is looking forward to facing Roger Clemens, his idol.

I spent the night at the Yard last night from the third inning on with the guys and gals from the Orioles Hangout website. It was cool sitting in the left field upper deck and hanging out with many of the members along with fellow Oriole fans in their "Take Back the Yard" night.

If you're an Oriole fan and can make it out to a game, stop on by the site for more details. I think there are two more, a Yankee and a Red Sox game.

It's quite the experience.

Before the game, I got to meet with Roy Firestone, who no doubt bleeds the black and orange, which was amazing to see.

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