Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Quick HIts: The Nationals Down the Orioles, 7-4: The Rundown...

Well, I was at the game last night and covered it for the DC Sports Box.

Last night, as we know by now, the Orioles lost by a score of 7-4 as Daniel Cabrera lasted less than 5 innings, and got tagged for 7 runs.

Rather than regurgitate everything, I am just going to link to the write-up on the game on the blog and then go into the rundown. The write-up is kind of Nat-centric, but I am not going to do the job twice…

I have had a busy morning at the office, so sorry for the lateness.

In watching the game last night, it makes me wonder if Daniel Cabrera will ever reach his potential as a pitcher. He’s sure got the physical makeup to be a force, but 90% of the game is mental, and your head has to be on straight in order to succeed in baseball.

I’m not sure it he will or will not improve, but at times he looks like he’s throwing rather than pitching and hitting his spots. Also, when he gets into trouble, rather than thinking his way of it, he at times gets flustered and pours more gas onto the fire, making a precarious situation worse.

As well, I’ll repeat – the Orioles’ offense must wake up! If not for Melvin Mora’s bomb last night, the Orioles might have been held to two runs of fewer.

About the Battle of the Beltway, it’s insignificant to most fans. For the players, it’s another game, for Washington fans, it’s a chance to take a short road trip in horrendous traffic up to Baltimore; however, for Baltimore fans, it’s no big deal – almost apathetic.

Matt Palmer of the Baltimore Examiner said it the best…

“… there are maybe- maybe! - 14,000 people in the stands on a t-shirt giveaway night. These are the two teams of the region?

This isn't about canceling each other out at this point. This is about people staying away from bad baseball. In droves.

There is not even a question of is this is a rivalry because there is not one at this point. There isn't even a hint of this feeling important to the guys in the clubhouse. No stadium move for the Nationals will change this, I fear.”


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the game last night, gory details and all.

The Examiner also has a recap of the game as well.

The Washington Post has two recaps, one from Barry Svlurga and the other from Katie Carrera. Also the Washington Post has news on Alberto Castillo and Ramon Hernandez.

Mike of Oriole Magic has his thoughts on last night.

As predicted, it looks like Adam Loewen may be done for the season as he’ll need elbow surgery. The good news is that he is young, and should have plenty of time to bounce back.

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Jay Gibbons, this time on how to persevere when you’re struggling at the plate.

The Orioles are suffering through a major power outage, and it’s not good…

Backup catcher Alberto Castillo got to face his former team, the Nationals last night; however, there are no hard feelings.

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