Sunday, June 17, 2007

Reality Bites: The Orioles and Sam Perlozzo...

Things are not good here for those who are Orioles fans.

Not good at all. Today, I covered the game for Oriole Magic on the MVN network, and the day started off early.

It was memorable.

Besides Jim Palmer telling me in person how bad the team was, to hearing Dave Johnson's rant on WHFS radio to seeing the Orioles live in the flesh lose was horrifying.

Then I got to speak with Sam Perlozzo after the game, as I saw and wanted to get his autograph. I spoke to him for several minutes as he was getting into his truck, and you could tell the losing was getting to him by the way his face looked.

I wished him luck on the road trip and hoped the Orioles could shake the funk they are in. He looked genuinely glad to hear that and at least appreciate the words of hope.

In talking with him, he's a good man, and does not deserve the losing along with the abuse, but sports is a business and the W and L's matter.

Even moreso in a city that has seen it's team trot out losing team after losing team for a decade.

The writing my be on the wall, and Sam may not have his position in the near future, or much less next season unless there is a major, and I mean major turnaround.

The problem goes so far beyond the manager; thus, whole organization needs an overhaul.

The fans are not happy and are ready to turn on this team. If things get worse, the Orioles may need to pay fan to see the team play.

I'll have game stuff and pictures later on tonight, if not in the morning. It will be something to see what the media, other blogs and forums have to say about the Orioles and their losing streak.

I am going to open up the forum for change, rather than lecture. What do you think needs to happen to the organization? Do we for the manager, trade players, fire the GM?

What do you all think? Either leave a comment, or email me personally.

The floor is yours to comment, and those fans from other teams, feel free to join (I'd like to hear commentary from those on the outside)...

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