Saturday, June 16, 2007

Quick Hits, More Gloom and Doom; O's Lose Game Late 7-3...

The Baltimore Orioles are in a real bad position.

With six losses and a season pretty much on the brink, the Orioles had a chance to win last night thanks to the masterful pitching of Erik Bedard.

Well, then the same script that has been played over and over again reared its ugly head.

The bullpen lost the game – again.

We all know the aftermath, and I covered the game live for Oriole Magic last night in Baltimore.

The Orioles lost 7-3 to the Diamondbacks, as Bedard pitched seven great innings, then the bullpen implosion led by Chad Bradford, and then Todd Williams set off the grenades.

Afterwards, Danys Baez added more fuel to the fire by giving up a 2-run home run to diminutive Augie Ojeda.

What is happening to the Orioles is unbelievable. Are we in a bad funk – perhaps. I think it's more than that...

I have no idea; however, the offense is still putrid and the high-dollar bullpen is looking like a bust. I’m sure the players are beyond frustrated, but the fans are just plain angry and from the mood last night, a vast majority of them seem resigned to the fact the Orioles have a good chance to have a tenth losing season.

The team is obviously a lot better than its record indicates, but what the hell is going on? The Orioles just play bad baseball, and do not do the little things right.

For a team with so much talent, there should be so much more.


The Baltimore Sun has a recap of the gory details of last night’s game as does the Baltimore Examiner.

In light of the success of Jeremy Guthrie, the Baltimore Orioles are really scared of stretching out him, considering he’s just a rookie. Well, overall he’s been the best pitcher on the Orioles’ staff and it’s a shame he’s not had the run support, or he’d be on the All-Star team easily.

It looks like the matchup between Randy Johnson and Brian Burres tonight will be scrapped, and it looks like Daniel Cabrera will go tonight against Edgar Gonzalez; however, Buress should get the start Sunday. Meanwhile, Randy Johnson was placed on the DL.

Baltimore Sun columnist Peter Schmuck believe the problems with the Orioles are with the players, not anyone else.

Huff is hot at the plate, but is it too little too late?

Well, the Orioles are in an offensive drought, and several guys showed up for extended batting practice earlier than usual this week to work with Terry Crowley.

Jeff Zrebeic of the Sun wonders should the Orioles deal a lot of the veterans to other teams as we approach the trading deadline? Also, he looks at the players on the squad who might have a good chance of being dealt.

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Kevin Millar, this time about staying upbeat during a losing streak.

The Orioles MLB site has a great piece on Brian Roberts and the influence his father has had on him…

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