Friday, June 22, 2007

Quick Hits: The Game Yesterday, Tejada and the Rundown...

Well, the Orioles have had a week to remember.

Perhaps it has only gotten worse.

In light of their second win, defeating the Padres, 6-3; things might have gotten even worse for the Orioles. However, the offense led the way with 13 hits, and Bedard pitched a strong game before going out with injury. In addition, Albert Castillo homered for the Birds.

In a week where Sam Perlozzo was fired, a new COO was hired, the Orioles were swooned and then rejected by Joe Girardi, and now slugger Miguel Tejada may be injured and put on the DL, thus perhaps ending his consecutive game streak.

However, if he plays tonight, his streak is intact in light of what happened yesterday.

Before I go on, my comments I made about Tejada both on this blog and on the radio were quite strong and perhaps out of anger, but I think was more more angry about seeing him bat once rather than give an attempt to play half a game injured. I got quite a few comments and emails about the topic and quite a few people brought about salient points with Gehrig, and a lot of the other rule breakers in the game.

I do think Tejada should have stayed in the game longer, or not played at all -- but there's just something about the whole thing that bothered me. HRB of Demspey's Army brings up salient point and also evidence you cannot dispute.

Maybe I am just 'old-school', and like things done a certain way - I don't know.

According to the Orioles MLB site, Miggy has been diagnosed with a distal radial fracture of the left wrist.

It is yet to be determined if he'll be put on the DL, but I'm betting he may have to sit out a game or two, or three, unless a miracle happens.

And now Erik Bedard is hurting. Roch Kubatko has more on both Bedard and Tejada.

There's more on the game from the Baltimore Examiner.


David Steele of the Washington Post has more on the terrible day with the Baltimore Orioles on Thursday.

Bill Ordine of 'O, the By the Way' blog, has his thoughts on last night; yep, this is getting ridiculous with the Orioles. Well, everything bad comes in threes, right?

Now that Joe Girardi has said no to the Orioles, the team is heading back to the war room to come up with siutable candidates. A poster, Greta, brought up the point of leaving Dave Trembley in charge for the rest of the year; thus, at this point and the type of mess this team is in, let's see what we have got and more importantly, give the team some stability.

Matt Palmer of the Examiner echoes the same idea.

Rick Maese of the Baltimore Sun has a list of things that Andy MacPhail might want to considering changing with the organization once he gets comfortable...
What the Blogs Are Saying:

Oriole Magic gives us details of the Miguel Tejada injury, plus the series with Arizona out in the desert...

Camden Chat has had some great commentary concerning the week in Oriole-land.

Ben of Oriole Central gives his thoughts about Girardi and what the rejecion means for the Birds.

The Wayward Oriole laments on a week filled with drama, rejection and just things going flat out weird, as does Dempsey's Army.

The Oriole Report is not happy about this team, at all.

The Boys from Roar from 34 ponder why Girardi would even want the job of Oriole manager, and goes over the state of the organization.
The Orioles Insider illustrates what we all know -- he's waiting for the Yankee job, or much less anything better than the Oriole job.

My Baseball Bias has their take on Girardi.

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