Saturday, June 9, 2007

Reality In The Big City

I should at the game right now in Baltimore watching my beloved Oriole take on the Colorado Rockies at Camden Yards.

However, I am at home right now writing this posting. You may ask why?

Well, this afternoon, after I got done watching my friends and their son take batting practice with Brian Roberts, I went to my car to retrieve something. I had parked my car at a meter in the vicinity of Camden Yards and assumed nothing would happen in light of being doing so only a few hundred times in the past.

My car had gotten broken into and my back window was completely shattered. With shards of glass everywhere, I discovered my company laptop missing.

I immediately called the police and got the report done, etc. I should have known better than to leave something so valuable out in plain display in my car in a major metropolitan city, especially one as much as crime Baltimore has.

Consider it a lesson learned.

Although finding your car broken into sucks, the nice thing I saw how people were so courteous and asked me if they could help out, get me materials (tape, etc). The officer that helped me was very professional and catered to my situation.

I guess you'll have your rough days and crappy ones; thus, today was a combination of both.

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