Friday, June 8, 2007

Paris Hilton, the Coarsening of America...

It's a slow boring Friday here at the office, after a flurry of work this week, the Nationals, and other stuff; however, I have one question to ask -- why the hell does America care about Paris Hilton?

I'm watching Fox News now, and they are covering this thing like Queen Elizabeth landing in America.

Are we that celebrity obessessed that we've allowed a no-talent girl, from a wealthy family of hotel magnates, to garner fame and riches from a sex tape?

Well, based on the miscarriage of justice from this story (I mean, where in America can someone be released from jail for a medical condition?), why would there not be the outrage?

I guess money and fame has it's benefits, or could it be the blonde hair?

God help us all...

I'm sure she's got a sweet deal to go whore herself out, and tell stories about how messed up jail is, and how her spoiled self couldn't cut it in there.

It's sure isn't going to help your street cred...

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