Sunday, June 10, 2007

The Game Sunday Afternoon: Rockies Defeat the Orioles, 6-1; Rundown and Photos...

Rockies and Orioles - June 10th, 2007

Who in the hell is Ryan Spillborghs?

Well, he managed to make Sunday miserable for the Orioles and all of their fans. As we all know by now, the Orioles lost 6-1 last night; thus, the Rockies took two of three from the Birds this weekend.

Let’s go back to Ryan Spillborghs. He hit two homers and drove in a career-high six RBIs, as he three hits. In addition, he had one homer off Erik Bedard and then a three-run shot off of John Parrish.

The Orioles scored in the second inning, as Aubrey Huff drove in a run. In a continuous theme this season, the team had little offense to counter the opponent with and suffered.

Well, the starter for the Rockies, Jason Hirsh who only had two wins, with six losses and and ERA around near five, threw a complete game five-hitter that saw him only give up one run on five hits.

In other words, we made Hirsh look like Greg Maddux or Jake Peavy.

The bats need to wake up for the O’s, as it is sort of a problem when Brian Roberts and Nick Markakis are doing the work, while everyone else is just being lackluster. At some point, the players need to take accountability and ask themselves what I can be doing to be better and help my team win.

Patterson, Mora and Gibbons sat on the bench on Sunday, but it’s time to ask, if these guys are struggling, then why should they play? It looks Sam Perlozzo is frustrated, and who would blame him?

This team is a lot better than what their record stands at right now. Honestly, the pitching has more than done its job – the bats need to wake up (its June now, what’s going on?)

I feel for Jeremy Guthrie. He once again pitched a masterful game on Saturday, and it’s too bad the bats could not come together to support him. For all intensive purposes, if not for his bad start in Cleveland, he would probably be getting some All-Star consideration.

The Orioles take on the Nationals this week (Tues-Thu) at the Yard.


Roch Kubatko has highlights of the game Sunday, and he notes that the Orioles are frustrated with their lack of offense; hey, so are we…

The Baltimore Examiner has a recap of the game yesterday, as does the Orioles MLB site…

Melvin Mora took the day off yesterday – this time, without controversy; therefore, it was his choice on Sunday, mainly to get some rest and figure out why he’s been lackluster at the plate. On this topic, it looks like Sam is getting tired of the lackluster approach of his hitters at the plate, and some of the guys struggling are being benched.

Ramon Hernandez is on the DL for a second time, and Adam Loewen is healing slowly (I don’t see him being back in ’07)…

Well, Bill Ordine has thoughts of the game yesterday, the Orioles in general and NBA stuff in his blog, O, By the Way…

Freddie Bynum got a start yesterday, and Paul Bako is back behind the plate, plus the pitchers on the staff trust him

The Baltimore Sun has a question with Steve Trachsel, this time about what he thinks of Jeremy Guthrie.

Peter Schmuck thinks Sam Perlozzo is off the hot seat – for now, and as well believes the Orioles are at a crossroads right now in the 2007 season.

According to Roch Kubatko, Todd Williams might get more time in games in light of the bullpen overuse, and the struggles of Danys Baez…

Rodrigo Lopez faced off against us this weekend in the Rockies series. He looked good on Saturday, and it looked like he was backed to his pre-2006 form. Although he left the Orioles on shaky circumstances, he did fairly well for the team, winning 60 games and was a strong pitching pitcher. I liked him and it’s good to see him doing well.

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