Tuesday, June 5, 2007

This and That ... Blogging and Credibility

Hey everyone, hope all is going well!

It's a nice day out, and at the moment, I'm at RFK watching batting practice and the Pittsburgh Pirates are on the field. Anyhow, I am now going to do be doing work for the DC Sports Box as a featured columnist and sports writer. It was a chance meeting as to how this opportunity opened up and how everything came about, but I'm going to dive into it and see what I can do.

I'll be working as a credentialized member of the press this Thursday afternoon in Washington D.C., for the third game of the Pirates/Nationals series. It will be my first time ever doing this, but I am looking forward to it all, learning more about the sporting world, perhaps meeting some of my influence and favorite writers and more importantly, getting my work out to a larger audience.

When I first started this blog, it was a place where I could rant, rave and complain about the Orioles, the world of baseball and anything mundane in my mind; however, it has become a lot more to me and the work that has been put into the blog has started to pay off.

Never did I intend to for it make up a huge part of my life, but it has now opened a lot of doors for me that I never envisioned.


ian said...

Congratulations. Are you leaving us on the shows for your new found fame.

The Lady said...

That's great, Anthony! We'll be seeing you on ESPN in no time.

Brittany said...

Congratulations! It sounds like you'll have a blast.

Rob said...

Congrats! That's really awesome. I've been in many press boxes and it's a great experience. Just be professional and you'll fit in perfectly.

BTW, it'll be nice to add some O's coverage to that site -- so maybe you can convince them to do that.

Maryland Orioles' Fan said...

Ian - I can or would never leave. If I tried, I'm sure you all try to suck me back in...

Lady - Thanks! I have mixed feelings on ESPN right now, but I am just going to have fun with everything and learn! Sorry about the Yankees, BTW. What the hell has happened to that team?

Brittany - Thanks for the compliments, I'm sure I'll be seeing you at the Yard sometime this weekend!

Rob - I brought this up actually, and they are considering it, as there is a sizable contingent of O's fans left in the DC/No. Va region.

I have some media experience on the political side covering events in college and freelance, so I know the protocol of it all.

Sooze said...

Anthony this is such awesome news!!! Great work!

JD said...

Dude this is an awesome opportunity man! It's amazing how much respect bloggers are starting to get. Don't forget about us little people!!

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